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Hi, my name's Vilém Zouhar (ViliX64 on the Internet) and I'm (mostly) a web developer with passion for new technologies and hobby of making games. Take a look at my portfolio!

Basic info:

Born: 20 - 2 - 1998

Current city: Zlín, Czech Republic

Current occupation: student

I'm able to:

Make a website (even with a database, an eshop, etc)

Make a game (usually not fun to play, but hey, making stuff is great!)

Languages I am familiar with (from most to least):

JS, Dart, PHP, MySQL, Python, C#, C++

Things I love:

HTML5, Unity3D, PhaserJS, jQuery, books

Currently learning:

Linux administration, AngularJS


Email: vilem.zouhar@gmail.com

Twitter: @ViliX64

Copyright 2016 Vilém Zouhar